best creative blog writing topic ultimate guide for your new blogging website 2020

best creative blog writing topic ultimate guide for your new blogging website 

I want to show you the best creative blog writing topic here.

Do you want to start a blog?

But you do not understand what to start with your blogging website?

If these questions are right for you, then this blog is just for you. Read the entire blog very carefully.

You can easily bring your blog website to Google Fast Page, using only small techniques.

Have you ever noticed that I write my website posts A little differently and in a different format for your convenience?

If you understand this, you will also understand that for the convenience of your website visitors, they need to keep the necessary content inside your website.

And of course, it has to be your own writing and your own tricks.

Anyway, let's talk about the topic that started this blog.

You may not be able to decide what you want to write on your website. I have a very simple idea. If you want, you can use those ideas to write a blog for your website.

#1- Health & Fitness


Did you know that many people in the world search on health and fitness on Google?

I hope you have searched this topic yourself in Google.

Yes you can, of course, write blogs on this topic on your website and you can post this related post on your website as it is your daughter.

This is a very nice idea. Many have reached the top level using this idea.

#2 – Travel


A lot of Google search is done by typing this travel only for traveling.

Of course, just search for Travel and find the most beautiful places from Google. this is the best idea for a creative blog writing topic

If you want you can build your website on the topic that only travel-related posts you will do on your website and that web site will mention various beautiful places where travelers can travel.

Traveling websites have a lot of visitors and you must use low competition keywords if your website is new then you can easily rank your website because the travel keyword is the top-level keyword.

#3 – Best hotel deals


If you want, you can write a blog about the best hotels on your blog website and share various offers.

And yes, this keyword is for traveling websites. If you want, you can also offer these offers in your traveling website.

You must find the low competition keyword of the best hotels on your website from Google, you will use it on your website because, if you use the best hotels top competition keyword you will not be able to easily Google your website.

#4 – Personal blog


You may be wondering how to write a personal blog on a website and why Google will search your website to read your personal blog. Is that your main question?

If you ever search for personal blogs on Google, you will see huge amounts of personal blogs on Google, many people are blogging and earning a lot of money.

Even personal blog websites get 6 to 7 lakh visitors every month. For personal blog reading only.
Now let's talk about what to start with a personal blog on your website.

You share your daily routine on your website and share your personal stories there and share what you do and where you are going.

This is how sharing your daily routine on your website will become your personal blog post.

This is how personal blogging is done.

#5 – Govt Job


If you want, you can make your website govt-job related website, that is, you can post govt-job related inside your website. govt job title keyword the best creative blog writing topic. I am like too this idea. 

Because every year only for a job or to get a private job, that is, every day, that is, Google is searched by typing govt.job or private job.

If you want to provide benefits to people through your website then you can post jobs related to your website.

Job-related keywords are searched on Google every day and its value is 30 to 40 lakh traffic per month.

And of course, if you want your website to rank on Google then always use low competition keywords.

#6 –Tips and Tricks


You can post tips and end-stunts identified with your site in the event that you need. 

All the time you give tips and deceives to your guests on your site for nothing, at that point you can build your site guests and your site guests will keep on developing. 

What's more, on the off chance that you do a little backlink for this, your site will be positioned on the Google page. 

#7 – Ultimate Guide 

On the off chance that you need, you can generally present Ultimate Guide related on your site, that is, you can make your site Ultimate Guide related. 

Extremely related tips-and-deceives are continually looked through online on Google. These tips and deceives help the site guests a ton and take care of their issues. 

To make an Ultimate Guide related site, guests will look through Google to peruse the Ultimate Guide posts inside your site. 

#8 – News 

The possibility of ​​creating a news-related site is extremely decent. You can develop boundless traffic each month by making news-related sites. 

The possibility of ​​creating a news-related site is extremely pleasant. 

You may realize that you are continually scanning for Google by composing the present refreshed news. In the event that you need, you can rank your site utilizing news identified with low rivalry catchphrases. 

News related sites need to refresh articles routinely and compose 20 to 30 articles per day. 

What's more, those articles are coordinated and a half thousand watts and require a great deal of difficult work. 

#9 – Animals 

On the off chance that you need you can compose a creature related post on your site and how to deal with creatures, what is their eating regimen? 

You can compose related posts on your site and you can without much of a stretch position that post in Google utilizing a couple backlinks. 

#10 – Sports 

Various traffic guests search Google by composing sports-related watchwords just to see sports or to get sports refreshes. 

It is conceivable to rank a site easily utilizing just low rivalry catchphrases. 

Since just the games watchword is a top-level catchphrase, so as to run a site, you need to locate the low rivalry watchword of this watchword. 

On the off chance that you have any profit by perusing this post, it would be ideal if you let us know in the remarks, and on the off chance that you have any issues, you can get in touch with us. 


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Good karma with your blogging world. 

Begin now And appreciate it.

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